E-Book | DAD-Sending Butterfly Kisses


E-BOOK | Sending DAD Butterfly Kisses | Digital download
When children miss their parent, it can be quite emotional for them.

A great little book for your child,

This book, helps to provide an aid for children, to share a night time wish to their parent who works away.

On completion of purchase, you will gain your digital E-Book, to view, download, save and print.


Sending daddy Butterfly Kisses – Booklet | Digital download

Children miss their parent who works away
This book is designed to use as an aid, for children to feel connected with dad

“A great nighttime read, for your child to say goodnight to dad”

Butterfly kisses - dad
Sending Butterfly kisses

…why don’t you print of, and then “place your picture of dad” page, and place it beside you, when you sleep.

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You will be able to download your digital E-Book, where you can save this E-Book, and place into your required reading app or print.

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