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Top 5 issues with “Where to start” for newbie’s to FIFO JOBS | Part 1

Top 5 common issues emerge by those who are “New-Entry Level” to FIFO JOBS within the Mining & Resources industries

FIFO JOBS info area is a crucial part of FIFO Q&A …here we look at and break down some of the basic issues that leave many of you … confused, frustrated…

How do I get a FIFO JOB

FIFO JOBS info provides the place where you go, to gain the info “as it is” from those in the industry.. who live, work, breathe it!

Learn from our years of experience trials, errors and success … as gone are the days from where you can simply ask a friend to get you a job in this industry!

Australia has skilled workers unable to reach the job they are suited to, within the Mining & Resources industries!

You are probably one of them… getting lost within the system!

We totally feel your frustration and your confusion…

“It’s getting harder to get through”… and that’s coming from those who are already in it!

You’ve seen the media posts … unskilled Australia” … can’t find the workers”… We have a proven system that works… we look, we listen to you… find where or why you are not getting through … and adjust your insight accordingly…

From inside our core company MCE [Miners Corp Essentials] …we noticed how times have been changing… over the past 10+ years… and the “qualified worker” is getting lost in the frustrating HR system …the process of simply getting seen as a “suitable candidate” has deteriorated and many highly skilled people are not getting through!

So we researched & questioned the system… and have continued to successfully help many members get through… and secure a FIFO JOB!

#View the information as “a guide” to help prepare and assist you… alleviate the frustration and push you ahead of the 1000’s of others trying to get in.

TOP 5 | Where To Start | Part 1

  1. WHERE to start?
  2. WHAT are the secrets to getting through?
  3. HOW do I find a FIFO JOB?
  4. WHY is your Resume holding you back?
  5. WHEN are you not suited to FIFO ?

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