FIFO JOBS -it’s hard to get?

It’s hard to get a FIFO JOB… no shit!

Want to know why you are feeling frustrated, disheartened, or simply fed up from not hearing any news back from every application you send of?

It’s simple … it’s all in the preparation you do, prior to putting your application in …IT IS THE KEY to why you are not getting anywhere.

Without preparing your knowledge and understanding of FIFO within the Mining, Resources Industries, it will stand out within your resume and how or where you are applying to!

Here are just 3 simple examples of common mistakes;

  • If key information is not within your resume, you are not going to succeed to the next level.
  • If you do not know the type of position you are applying for “JOB TITLE”, you won’t get far.
  • If you don’t know how the system works, you are stumbling in the dark.

As a FIFO JOB member, you can gain valuable information;

  • That will not only save you hours of searching the web for “just where to start” …your time is valuable, not many of us have too much free time to waste!
  • That can speed process your opportunity to gain getting through to “stage two” of your application!

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