FIFO Pitfalls – Debt n FIFO

Debt n FIFO goes hand in hand… here is an insight to how or what can happen to some of us…

You came into this industry to build financial stability…yet here we go again, starting over, the doubt, the self criticism, the dignity, your hope, your faith just can’t take it and yet here we are, living pay to pay … again… Sound familiar?

Dealing with debt and your finances whilst living within this industry can tear apart the strongest of us…

We share this insight to help others understand, it doesn’t just happen to them and hopefully for those that are new to the industry, to understand the importance to be disciplined and have a “plan of attack” around building their finances, as there are many small bumps in the road that can turn into a vicious circle!

A financial issue in a relationship whilst surviving within a FIFO Lifestyle, can escalate very quickly, the key that is hard to do is “how do you stop it from breaking a good relationship”?  …Whether the relationship is one of “you and your own dignity” or “you and your partner” this is a core issue of known destruction within the lifestyle of this industry!

Here we go…

I mean seriously when shit happens, it happens huge and I don’t mean big I mean wholly #fkn huge…
But why they say.. How can that happen..
Well it’s got me #fkd..
Its seems
You get over 1 hurdle and bang.. Shits knocking at your door again!
You learn one lesson very quick!
How to start again..
..Difference is …thank #fk…if you try to find the positive…

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