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Top 3 common issues faced by those in FIFO;
  • You guessed it there is more than just 3, here are a few issues faced!
  • You may not be aware, only a small % of people actually financially make it!
  • You think you have a contract…. think again, in this Industry change happens without notice!
  • For every new job, it will take a minimum of 6 weeks to financially recover, unless you have a plan, and another plan B if that one doesn’t work!
  • Financial stability, “living by pay check to pay check” trap, which is a very easy place to find yourself in, working in this Industry!
  • Struggling to get that FIFO JOB …It’s hard for us, already in the Industry, when it comes to getting that next “FIFO” Job… Frustrating isn’t it!
    We get it, been there… done that!

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