FIFO JOBS – Do you want help?

Why do we care?

A majority of people encounter a total brain freeze, when trying to get into the work of FIFO in the Mining & Resources Industry’s …. You’re not alone!
Seriously when you add up the hours, days, weeks, years and time you have lost trying… I’m guessing it would come into the high $$$

The frustration that many go through to simply land yourself a “FIFO JOB” is wide spread, there is so much information out there, and yet at the same time a complete lack of, “how do you actually go about this?” you are left confused, it’s disheartening and before you know it your confidence takes a hit… and you give up!

We have a saying here “looking to gain a FIFO JOB is a full time job within itself!”

We get it, been there… done that!
We can help you …guide you and support you along the way!

“FIFO JOBS” is created by Miners Corp Essentials…(MCE)
FIFO JOBS is here to provide YOU the right Information, give you the “TOOLS” and “MINDSET” to achieve it! …it’s where you will find the help you seek ….!

What …Who are we?

it’s hard for us, who already in the Industry, when it comes to getting that next “FIFO” Job… Frustrating isn’t it!
We get it, been there… done that! We have all been where you are now!

Our members are the people that work it and live FIFO!

I’m Lynn …I’m a “miners wife” hubby “Bow” is an Underground Miner of 20+ years, working within Australia and International Mining….
We are “real people” with a very genuine desire to “help others” to put there best foot forward and achieve their goals & dreams… it is possible!
We will share and guide you, with the “right information” you are going to need to succeed and gain your FIFO JOB…

This is the “inside info” that we all use, our members use… and have used to help hundreds of “New Starters” who have already achieved landing that FIFO JOB….

Do you want support that actually helps you?
  • Are you chasing the “dream” to live financially free?
  • Are you keen as to get into FIFO ..but question can you and or family cope with you working away?
  • Does your partner, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend “want a FIFO JOB” but you’re unsure if it will work for you?
  • Do you just want a “FIFO JOB”?… you’re not alone!
The things that matter.
  • How, where, what do you need to start” …let us help you to find the info you need? .. RIGHT HERE!
  • If you can gain one thing from this… the time and money saved would be priceless!
  • Do you want more in-depth information and discounts to services to make it quicker and easier for you to get that FIFO JOB?
P.S if you’ve found this page Looking for FIFO JOBS and are already working in the Mining, Construction Resource Industry’s… then head over to our core Miners Corp Essentials Facebook page, we will post regularly on there Jobs for those already in Industry!

If you are already in the Industry and need assistance contact us …

Lynn Bowman 0412 703 564 or email

How are you finding researching for the FIFO JOB you seek?

Do you not know where to start?

Are you confused as to what is the “JOB” type you are looking for?

Have you sent out numerous applications and have had no response back?

Are you female and new to seeking a FIFO JOB?

Share your experiences…. what has the search been like for you? drop your reply’s in the comments below or send the team a message / email..

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