Welcome to “FIFO Q and A” (pronounced fifo qanda)  and to “FIFO JOBS” the communication resource – FIFO community!

FIFO Q and A has been created by Miners Corp Essentials…(MCE)

FIFO QandA will cover the day to day areas that you experience living, working FIFO, it is a unique experience, communication is crucial and the sigh of relief you will feel, when you recognise “it doesn’t just happen to you” is very refreshing!
MCE is our core company and produced together by those that work, live breathe FIFO day to day, week to week, year after year! It is the “working community hub” of the worker and their family’s …
Miners Corp Essentials has been alive since 2008 over the years, we grow slow & steady building and supporting the “working community” of the Mining & Resources Industries…

I’m Lynn …I’m a “miners wife” ..my hubby “Bow” is an Underground Miner of 20+ years, working within Australia and International Mining….(there’s some stories there!…lol)
We are “real people” with a very genuine desire to “help others” to put there best foot forward and achieve their goals & dreams… it is possible!

  • We will share and guide you, with the “right information” you are going to need to succeed and gain your FIFO JOB… or to just surviving the FIFO ups and downs!
  • This is the “inside info” that we all use, our members use… and have used to help hundreds of “New Starters” who have already achieved landing that FIFO JOB…. but also support the many worker’s and their families in the day to day when living in the lifestyle of FIFO… it is quite unique!
  • We will give you our inside knowledge, our experience and most importantly…give you the best chance of not only “landing that FIFO JOB but thriving and surviving FIFO LIFE !

With the right “tools” you may actually find the goal you’ve been searching for.. is achievable….
let’s face it 90% of us get into FIFO to become “Financially secure”..

Join up, and let’s get things happening… as they say in this industry “time is money” so let’s stop wasting time and get into it!

Let the fun begin, let’s get your finances healthy, let’s start living life, let’s start achieving your goals!
With the right tools and mindset working in the FIFO mining environment can help you to “live your dream”…

Join the community…together we can make a difference!

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