FIFO QandA basic 101

FIFO Q and A – Reduce the hurdles – Get the right direction – Share your knowledge – Together we can make a difference… No one knows the Industry better than those who work within it!

It is an amazing BOND being part of this community…not just those who work within it, but also the support wife / hubby / family & friends that wait for you to come home!
  • It’s exhilarating | exhausting | rewarding | ruthless …
  • It can bring you together, rip you apart and bring you back together again!
  • It’s a bond like no other..
  • it’s a unique experience
“We are a community brought together by the industry they work within!
We are family, We are united, We all stand together as one”

We sure know a lot about the Industry … but not much about being a ballerina!