Top 5 – WHERE TO START -common issues faced by those who are new to FIFO JOBS

Looking for a job is frustrating… looking for a job in FIFO is a FULL TIME job on its own…

How do I get a FIFO JOB
  • Prior to sending of 100’s of applications… do you know the basics?
  • Prior to paying out for certificates…. do you know the basics?

STOP doing it the hard way!

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Here are the TOP 5 issues we see to often that are holding you back, gain the basic knowledge and no how of;
  1. WHERE to start?
  2. WHAT are the secrets to getting through?
  3. HOW do I find a FIFO JOB?
  4. WHY is your Resume holding you back?
  5. WHEN are you not suited to FIFO ?

So many skilled people are being lost in the frustration that exists when trying get into a FIFO position!

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